Preschool Information

NDE Registration Checklist

 Preschool 3 Year Old & 4 Year Old Program

2020 - 2021


Education Alberta requires our school to maintain student records and provide them with specific information. To complete your registration the information below needs to be submitted. If registration is incomplete your child will be placed on a waitlist until all information is provided.

              Image result for round icons single blue Registration Forms with all fields and required signatures completed

                Image result for round icons single bluePhysical Address or Legal Land Description (911 address if rural in addition to Legal Land)

       Image result for round icons single blue 1st month payment to secure your child’s place in the program

       Image result for round icons single blue Copy of the following:

                             - Birth Certificate (preferred)

                             - Foreign Students : Passport AND Immigration Documentation

                             - Treaty Card

Thank you for joining us at Notre Dame Elementary. We are excited to have you and look forward to another great year! Welcome back to any our families who were with us last year.

Preschool Fees


 Fees are due September 1, 2020

 Payment Options:

Pay Out Balance : Due September 1, 2020

Pay half & half : 2 cheques due September 1, 2020 – dated September 1, 2019 & January 1, 2021

Equal Monthly Payments: 10 cheques, dated the 1st of each month due September 1, 2020


Receipts will be sent home with your child. Retain these receipts for your income tax purposes.

pdf 2020/2021 Online Registration Form (298 KB)

pdf 2020/2021 Printable Form (298 KB)

pdf Preschool Registration Checklist (42 KB)

Contact Information:

Notre Dame Elementary

4711-48 Street, Bonnyville
Phone: (780) 826-3485

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